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Welcome to Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers 
in St Albans, Harpenden and Redbourn, Hertfordshire


As part of The Signing Company, I teach signing for babies, signing for toddlers and signing for talkers.

Sign language is an inspirational communication tool that has been used by Deaf people for centuries. So many people say that they are captivated when they see sign language being used, and that they would dearly love to possess this skill. The Signing Company was born out of desire to make this skill accessible to all, from babies to 101. We believe that even with the most basic signing knowledge, everyone has the tools to communicate more effectively in everyday life.  Moreover, when learning occurs in a fun and stimulating environment, then positive learning takes place.


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Signing for Babies with Clare


Clare’s Signing Babies classes give you the opportunity to communicate and bond with your baby, through specially created songs and nursery rhymes, fun activities and bubbles!  I also have props including Signing Sam and Poppy the Mouse! Each session is based on a theme so you and the little ones are able to learn essential signs.



Signing for Toddlers with Clare


As your child begins to develop speech and discover new words, Signing Toddlers explores and focuses on new key vocabulary to encourage their budding communication skills.

Signing for Toddlers classes with Clare give you the opportunity to expand on vocabulary through puppets, songs, fun activities and bubbles. We cover listening and turn-taking skills, emotional vocabulary, and much more.




Signing Talkers with Clare


Signing Talkers classes broaden your child’s confidence, listening and communication skills in preparation for preschool or nursery.

My classes focus on phonics, story-telling language, emotional vocabulary, basic math language and more. Including our ever-popular songs with Signing Sam, new easy to follow songs and not forgetting bubbles!

Signing Talkers



Your Local Signing Company Teacher

Clare Banham


I’m Clare Banham, am married and have twin boys, Harry and Sebastian. I started signing in September 2014 taking the boys to Baby Signing classes when they were five months old. Having never done signing before, I enjoyed learning a new skill and language while helping our children communicate their needs long before they could talk.

We continued our signing journey onto the Signing Toddlers class, which taught us new signs and vocabulary to use at home and at pre-school. Harry and Sebastian were quite often seen to be naturally signing and saying the words or singing lots of nursery rhymes. The Signing Talkers classes were also fun and educational looking at letters and phonic sounds as well as numbers.

I remember when Sebastian was only eight months old, he was laying down and suddenly popped his head up and signed “Milk” it was fantastic to see him signing without the tears and frustration of not being able to tell us he was thirsty. They could also both recognise many animals at an early age such as “Giraffe” and “Penguin” meaning we taught the extended family the signs too.

I have been running classes in the area of St Albans, Harpenden and Redbourn since September 2017 and have enjoyed sharing the signing experience with lots of families. It has been amazing to watch the children grow with confidence by signing and communicating their needs. I look forward to sharing your signing journey too.

I am also enjoying my own Signing journey, having completed BSL Level 1, my studies continue with BSL Level 2.

I am proud to be a member of Institute of Children's Activity Providers (ICAP). 



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. CALL 07841 533506




Class Timetable


  Spring Term 2021

Due to the continuing Covid-19 situation; all sessions will be online using Zoom on a Wednesday morning from 20 January 2021 to allow for me for help my children with their home schooling. The discounted rate of £5.25 per family per session (£52.50 for 10 weeks) will apply. 

Please book your online place, a pre-recorded video will be sent to all booked after the Zoom session, along with resources such as sign sheets.

Any questions contact Clare. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Class Type Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers

Venue Online using zoom

Class Day/Time Wednesday 
09.30am - Signing Talkers (2 years plus)
10.30am - Signing Toddlers (18 months plus)
11.30am - Signing Babies (5 months plus)


10 week courses from Wednesday 20 January to Wednesday 24 March 2021 (no half term break)
No previous experience necessary, you'll learn as we go along. 

Venue online via Zoom and YouTube video link

Cost £5.25 per session x 10 weeks. 
Price per family. Payable upfront to book your place.


   Frequently asked questions
  Any queries, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Clare



Start your own signing classes!

Have you had an amazing experience in signing with your child and would like to share the gift of communication with others. Are you finding that your normal working hours are just not suiting your parent lifestyle or would like a little something to earn a small income? Are you looking for a rewarding, exciting business that you can fit around your family?

Here at The Signing Company, our teachers have the flexibility to work from as little as 2 classes a week to as many as 15 classes a week! Our signing programme allows you to run your own classes to suit your lifestyle. There are packages available for the Signing Babies, Signing Toddlers and Signing Talkers programmes allowing families to stay with you from around 5 months until they are ready to go to school and return with siblings.


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